We have built our business and client base on our commitment to attaining the highest quality standards possible.

Rivers Engineering is certified to AS9100 REV C & BS EN ISO9001:2008

About Rivers Engineering

Rivers Is a family business established in 1951 with vast experience in Precision Engineering. We have a passion for continuous business improvement, and an ongoing investment in people and our machine capability meaning we remain at the forefront of developments in the industry.

The continuous investment in our manufacturing facilities has been a key feature of the Rivers story for 4 generations. In the past 3 years alone, further investments in machinery mean we are able to produce even more complex components and assemblies on our modern in house 5 axis CNC machining and CNC milling equipment to the tightest tolerances whilst meeting the strictest quality demands our client base expects.


Our processing capability encompasses materials such as the more standard Aluminiums, Steels and Engineering Thermoplastics through to exotic materials such as Tantalum, Tungsten, Magnesium, Kovar and this list is by no means exhaustive.

Project Management

Through our trusted and long-standing quality-accredited supply chain partners we are able to offer a greater service breadth such as Protective Treatments, Testing, and Specialist Processes.


Our early experiences in the aviation and defence industries set us on a path towards remaining constantly ahead of the quality curve. Today, we continue to plan and resource for future editions of the latest standards.

Watertight Traceability

The Rivers quality management system ensures we can provide watertight traceability from Raw material to the finished product. Rivers have achieved certification to the globally recognised Aerospace and Defence Management System standard AS9100 Rev C.

Every Rivers Engineering delivery arrives with a Certificate of Conformity, and all necessary paperwork requirements to demonstrate the traceability of the raw materials’ journey from source to your finished product, always to full ISO accreditation.

Aerospace, Space & Electronic

Rivers has many years’ experience with a range of high specification and exotic materials to produce intricate parts for the Aerospace, Space and Electronic Industries.

Our skill in assemblies and a dedicated delivery commitment ensure the product is handed over by a Rivers employee wherever geographically needed. Our clients recognise this highest level of service, and we have built long lasting relationships as a result.

Defence & Civil Nuclear

As a long standing partner in the Defence & Nuclear Industries, at Rivers Engineering we offer our clients a highly skilled and capable workforce who have vast experience in serving these sectors.

We offer fast turnaround on prototyping, small batch production, and full project management packages. We have experience in both land based Defence and Civil Nuclear assemblies, the rigorous tolerances and material specifications demanded in this sector dovetail perfectly with our capabilities and strengths.

Meet the team

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker Managing Director
  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker Engineering Director
  • John Keeping
    John Keeping QA Manager
  • Jamie Jennings
    Jamie Jennings Business Development Manager

Rivers Is a family business established in 1951 with vast experience in Precision Engineering.